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So I'm not sure why you're asking why State didn't find the diary first.• On material, I'll let Toria reiterate, but the answer is no.

Though you might want to ask CNN if they took anything else from the crime scene that they haven't yet told anyone about.• In terms of the media's responsibility, I'll start with the outlandish statement that I believe the media does have responsibilities.

4) Good luck finding defenders even among donald’s 32%.

If the answer is no, if you would have decided its contents demanded reporting immediately, how would you have handled this differently then CNN?

And you should feel free to use every word above, in its entirety. Philippe______________________________________From: Michael Hastings Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2012 PM To: Reines, Philippe I Cc: Nuland, Victoria J Subject: Re: Request for comment Philippe: Thanks for getting back to me.

Let us count the ways: 1) Republican Nicole Wallace is the interviewer. 3) Republican Fool News® machine Breitbart hypes it.

If you’re looking for a follow up, I bet their incomes over the years have been in the same 0,000,000 ballpark.

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