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As a comedy, the cast of characters can also be placed in unusual and humorous situations.The dialog written between a newly married couple who's parents will not leave them alone for the night will reflect their frustration in a humorous and lighthearted manner.The format for the show introduces about three separate stories during one episode.Each story involves some type of romantic entanglement, which could be about two people meeting for the first time, people who have been married for many years or people who fall in love without expecting to. If you could travel through time, what would you go? Anything that does not give me any choice in the desesion!

Oh dear, you better sit down this might take a while.

Do you have an special hidden places you like to go?

-The bad questions you can ask her: What is your favorite color?

Each character has their own strengths they bring to the episodes they appear in.

The members of the crew also become involved in their own romantic interludes from time to time.

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What physical trait do you notice first when you meet someone?

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