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With over 3,500 items, Yale is among the world's largest repositories of incunabula, books printed in the fifteenth century. Harkness, in 1926 further inspired collecting in this area.

Yale Library began to collect incunabula systematically in the 1920s and 1930s, a collecting interest that seems to coincide with the activities of Yale printers like Carl Purington Rollins, 1920 Hon. Important additions to the holdings of incunabula and early printing were made by Louis Rabinowitz, Harold Hugo, 1963 Hon., Frank Altschul, 1908, and Edwin J.

More recent areas of concentration are secular vernacular texts, illustrated books, and works by fifteenth-century authors.

Copies in early bindings, notably a large group in German monastic bindings, or with evidence of early readership or provenance are prominent in the collection and in current collecting.

An Exhibition Commemorating the Five-Hundredth Anniversary of the Founding of the Aldine Press (New Haven, 1994).]The first medieval manuscript recorded in the Yale collection was acquired in 1714, and was the gift of Elihu Yale. Babcock, Lisa Fagin Davis, and Philip Rusche (Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, Tempe, Ariz., 2003); Walter Cahn and James Marrow, “Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts at Yale: A Selection,” Yale University Library Gazette52:4 (April 1978); Barbara A.Western manuscripts, principally in Latin, Greek, English, French, German, and Italian, were added for their texts as well as for their interest in documenting the history of the book and of book scripts. Babcock, Reconstructing a Medieval Library: Fragments from Lambach (New Haven, 1993); Robert G.They were used in teaching the elements of paleography, typographic design, and book design, and also to support the research of Yale scholars. Babcock and Lee Patterson, eds., Old Books, New Learning: Essays on Medieval and Renaissance Books at Yale (Yale University Library Gazette, Occasional Supplements vol.The General Collection of Early Books and Manuscripts includes Greek and Roman papyri, medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, Near-Eastern manuscripts, and historical archives of English and Italian families.Early printing is represented by nearly 4,000 incunables and an extensive collection of sixteenth-century imprints, with substantial holdings in Greek and Latin classics, Italian, French, English, and Neo-Latin literature, Reformation theology, and New World exploration.

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