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We all witnessed such courage earlier in 1971, on one of the programme’s summer expeditions, to Mexico.

While at a gaucho display where cowboys demonstrated their horsemanship, we were naturally invited to have a go — to the great amusement of the Mexican audience.

Is there any real fit young lads or muscle lads for fun (nobody under age or over 25yo) i like smooth chest and toned bodys and six packs and muscles i also…As ever, though, he joined in with wonderful enthusiasm, delighting the watching crowd.John specialised in feats of bravery that simply would not be allowed on television today. Whereas these days, thrillseekers climb buildings and parachute off skyscrapers to make a reputation by showing off their photos on the internet, John was never an exhibitionist.John was a great storyteller and a superb reporter.One of his earliest exploits was so dangerous that when I first watched the videotape, I went weak at the knees (it’s on You Tube and, if you want to watch it, you’d better make sure you are sitting down first).

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